AIFD Organization Manual
Compiled by Franklin Houston
Note - this page is a test to migrate the manual from a pdf to a webpage. Last update: 7/14/2012.

Chapter 1: Organizational Information
Chapter 2: Elected Officers
Chapter 3: Facilities
Chapter 4: Equipment & Supplies
Chapter 5: Dance Instruction
Chapter 6: Dance Programming
Chapter 7: Attendance & Publicity
Chapter 8: Special Events
Chapter 9: Finances

I.    AIFD History
      (pdf - a hand written history of AIFD from about 1969). 
II.   AIFD bylaws
III.  TX Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate 
      (Note .. submit all receipts to the treasurer). 
IV.   TIFD group membership form (links to
V.    Dance Request Sheet (pdf).
VI.   AIFD Sign in Sheet (pdf).
VII.  AIFD Conctact Info Sheet.
VIII. Bobbie Gillotti\Vernon Strey Texas Camp Scholarship (pdf).
IX.   Equipment setup & operation: music library & procedures:
      - Connection to AIFD amplifier.
      - Optional connection to HRC amplifier.
      - WINAMP setup and adjustments.
X.    Austin Hungarian Association Support